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The Wisconsin Inter-Professional Committee on Divorce (WIPCOD) was founded in 1978

by a group of Family Court professionals in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  WIPCOD organized during a period of legislative changes that altered how families interacted with the family courts.

As families increasingly rely on family court services, WIPCOD is dedicated to bringing professionals together to foster on-going learning and growth.  This ultimately leads to better services for families involved in this system.

The WIPCOD annual conference is attended by professionals from several different fields. From mediators and mental health professionals, to judges and lawyers, all of our attendees share a common desire to help our clients deal with the changes in their families.

Conference Break Time

Board Members

Dawn Bender, CSW, La Crosse County Family Court Services

Dolores Bomrad, Mediator/Retired Court Commissioner

Shelby Brandsma, LCSW, Retired Director, Dodge County Family Court Services

Brian Bushaw, Commissioner, Outagamie County

Jenny Cooke, Director, Dane County Family Court Services

Sharon Drew, Retired Attorney, Viola

Kylee Ernst, CSW, Director, Fond du Lac Family Court Services

Dr. Daniel Goodnature, Psychologist, The Psychology Center, Madison

Regan Hendrickson, Attorney, Monona

Theresa Kelly-Arnes, CSW, Retired, Waukesha County Family Court Services

Marlin Kriss, LCSW, SAC, Kriss and Associates, Madison

Ginger Murray, Attorney, Madison

Tammy Narance, LPC, Integral Psychology Center, Madison

Sarah Nichols, LCSW, Director, InterConnections, S.C., Kenosha

Paul Schroth, CSW, Director, Outagamie County Family Court Services

Jennifer Smith, Director, Dodge County Family Court Services

Theresa Sokup, LPC, Mediator, Outagamie County Family Court Services

Amanda Van Dyke, LPC, Mediator, Outagamie County Family Court Services

Deb Wolfram, Retired Social Worker, Juneau

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